Cross Province Transfers - Level 3

Cross-Provincial Transfers

We provide small groups of 4 people with safe and reliable transport from various locations across South Africa. Larger groups and funeral arrangements can be arranged at given notice.

Permit Assistance

Our dedicated team will make sure you have all of the necessary legal documentation and transport permits so you have a safe journey without any type of hassle.

Pr0fessional Service from Tour Operators

The Covid-19 Lockdown has affected the tourism industry tremendously, and currently so many professional driver/guides are available to provide you with transfer services. We make up a group of Tour Operators who will assist you with transport, depending on your location.

Why travel with us?

Support your local Guide/Drivers #SUPPORTTOURISM

Sanitation and Distancing is our Top Priority

24/7 Customer Support and Permit Assistance

Vehicle Tracking from your Phone


What do you need?

Under COVID-19 Level 3 the Government requires you to carry with you a proof of permission to travel. Only people needing to travel for purpose of work, school, change of residence and funerals are permitted to travel inter provincially under Level 3. In order to do so, you will need completed travel permits. But what COVID-19 travel forms do you need to travel interprovincially?

All passengers are required to complete a mandatory Self-Evaluation Form – The Traveller Health questionnaire. Passengers have to complete and sign this document and hand it to the driver upon arrival. You will then need one of the below forms/ permits in order to travel. This must be kept on you at all times during your trip as the driver might get stopped along your journey and passengers will need to present this to the officers conducting the inspection. Any persons with counterfeited forms will be held responsible and handed over to the authorities. We will not be held accountable for passengers counterfeited forms, however, we will assit you in getting the correct forms. 


Click on the links below to print your documents


Business Travel Permit

Change of Residence Travel Permit

Student Travel Permit

Childrens Travel Permit

Funeral Affidavit Travel Permit

Funeral Travel Permit


Help us keep you safe...

  1. All passengers are required to wear masks for your entire journey – no exceptions.
  2. Maintain 1.5m distance when outside the vehicle.
  3. Do not sit in seats marked off in the vehicle. These are marked off to maintain social distancing onboard.
  4. We will provide you with sanitiser on and will need to sanitise your hands before departing.
  5. Your temperature will be taken before boarding and if your temperature is over 38 degrees you will not be allowed to board the vehicle and your ticket refunded.
  6. Please use your time at the refreshment stops to refresh and use the bathrooms.
  7. Travel forms are required in order to travel and can be found listed on this page.

PLEASE NOTE – All passengers will also have to complete a mandatory Traveller Health Questionnaire to hand in to the driver on arrival.

“I had my mother and wife come down to Bloemfontein from Pretoria, thank you for your great service and how much stress you saved me from dealing with everything.”



Please send us your destination and preferred dates and we will get back to you.


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